Breakthrough in Heavy Metal Chelation


Unlike pharmaceutical chelators, the NCD binds to the heavy metal in three key ways. This makes it powerful, selective and safe. The strength of the bond or binding is based on: 1) the toxin’s charge density, 2) the toxin’s average molecular size and 3) a phenomenon known as “molecular adaptive-fit”.


Zeolite structureThese three properties give NCD a selectivity series, where it has a higher affinity for certain molecules. This selectivity series demonstrated by atomic absorption spectroscopy studies is highest for Mercury, followed by Lead, Tin, Cadmium, Arsenic, Aluminum, Antimony and Nickel. This affinity series gives detoxification with NCD a major advantage over other chelators where Mercury is often removed last. Nutrient minerals such as Selenium and Zinc are not removed from the tissues by the NCD.  Further, because of the molecular adaptive fit phenomenon, NCD can attach to much larger particles such as nitrosamines and viral pieces and escort them out of the system.  NCD has a strong negative charge that allows it to move positively charged molecules around the system. In this way, NCD can have rapid results with “heartburn”, for instance, where it pulls hydrogen ions (H+) away, dropping them further along as it picks up other positively charged particles. It is postulated that it works similarly with excess Calcium in the bloodstream, helping to move these Calcium ions to the muscle where they are most needed. These shuttle effects help balance pH and have positive consequences in the overall health of the body.


NCD Zeolite heavy metal trapping processAnother drawback to pharmaceutical chelators is the phenomenon known as “pull-and-drop”. This occurs when a chelating agent pulls out a toxin such as mercury from the tissues – but then drops the mercury in the bloodstream. Free mercury will re-deposit, and if it re-deposits in the brain or vital organs, the patient’s condition is likely to worsen. This is a real risk, and the best guard against “pull-and-drop” is to keep blood levels of chelating agent high – and continuous around the clock. This is easy to accomplish by taking the liquid Natural Cellular Defense three times a day orally.