Be Your Own Doctor

Who do you trust for medical advice?

About "Me?"

Nah ... It's All About YOU!

You probably already know that under the laws of the United States, only a licensed medical doctor can diagnose or treat a disease, and only a pharmaceutical drug can be prescribed to cure a disease.

But you can be your own doctor!

In my opinion, we are losing a lot of excellent, progressive physicians to the likes of Belize - countries where they can work in wellness environments and prescribe any type of herb, supplement, energy therapy or other holistic technique they feel will be in the best interest of their patients. But I don't want to wallow in politics here. You are perfectly capable of following the money and coming to your own conclusion.

For most of the Earth's history, human beings and domesticated animals spent more time outside, ate local, seasonal, real food and got plenty of sunshine and exercise. Knowledge of what herbs or therapies would help them get well was intuitive, passed on genetically.

Today we don't live so naturally. We are influenced by artificial environments and substances. We are bombarded with information and sensory input and our intuition is blocked by our disconnect from nature.

There is so much to know just to stay alive, much less thrive. None of us can know everything we must know to become or remain balanced, well and healthy. We have to pool our resources, share our knowledge.

I have studied nutrition and holistic health subjects many of the waking hours of my adult life (and some of the sleeping hours too), through formal courses, OJT, personal research and experience. I am a Reiki Master, Minister, trained in other energy therapies and healing modalities, researched spiritual teachings and found my own way in my heart.

It is important for you to know that I am not a medical doctor. If you have a medical or critical emotional condition, please seek the advice of a licensed medical doctor or therapist.

There is so much information inside my head, office and library that might help you make better decisions for your own life, but things I share should never be construed as medical advice. I believe my research is sound. I will only give you what I believe are impeccable information and suggestions. My opinions are often strong, but they are just that - opinions.

If I don't follow any of my own advice, it's only because of weakness in the human condition.

What you read here can be used as a filter and springboard of ideas to help you get started with your own research. The internet is filled with accurate and questionable information and opinions. Get as close to the source as possible.

I hope you will gain trust and confidence in me as you read through the articles. Perhaps we will get to know one other in person.

In the end, you can and should become your own doctor. YOU are the only one you can really trust to care about you, to make the best decisions about your life, health and welfare.

If you visit a medical doctor about a condition, you must research and know more about that condition than the doctor does before you follow his or her protocol.

And that may be the strongest opinion I have today. 

Be Well And Healthy,

Linda Allen, Ph.D.