Recommended Products

We love to support local businesses, but often find wider selection and more verifiable quality controls through online merchants. In these pages we will share our favorite sources for supplements, skin care and cleaning products, books and information resources.


Detox Pure 
Independent Distributor of Waiora, LLC

This company distributes a variety of quality supplements and products. We use several on a regular basis, including EDN (Essential Daily Nutrients), AgariGold with H1X1 (based on the highly potent Agaricus Blazei hybrid mushroom), but the product no one should be without is Natural Cellular Defense - activated liquid zeolite drops that will help your body remove heavy metals and toxins. Check out MegDefense, the brilliant new detox and immune-support product combined from certified organic Agaricus Blazei and natural zeolite.

Stems Alive
Independent Distributor of StemTech Sciences, Inc.

SE3 is the foundational product we use from StemTech - the second generation of the popular Stem Enhance, which supports the natural role of adult stem cells in rejuvenating and healing your body. The ingredients help support the release of adult stem cells from your own body's bone marrow , where they go into the bloodstream and travel to areas of the body where they are most needed.

Organic India

We rave over the Tulsi Tea (you can get it loose or in bags) but Organic India carries a variety of other yummy teas and Ayurvedic herbs and products that might entice you. You might have seen this Tulsi Tea promoted on other health sites, but it was likely re-packaged and marked up for sale on the other site. Why limit your choices or pay more? By ordering through the link above, you'll go straight to the source to get the lowest price and greatest product and size selection.


Starwest Botanicals

It's an endless adventure browsing through Starwest Botanicals for high quality oils and aromatherapy products. This is where we buy our bulk ginger and African Birdseye Cayenne Pepper. We also got empty vegetarian herb capsules and a low-tech filling machine ... it's fun and easy to make our own combinations!