Wellness Coach
Wellness Ideas - Health Mind & Body

A Wellness Coach assists people to become well and healthy by achieving a positive and nurturing health, mind and body combined attitude and lifestyle.

People often ask me to explain wellness ideas. Existing in a state of wellness is the opposite of thinking in terms of illness, continually "battling" disease, looking for the right drug to "cure" sickness, and so forth.

Language Of Disease

"I hope I don't catch the flu - I can't afford to get sick." 

"I've got to kick this cold." 

"My arthritis is killing me today."

"I'm fighting off this infection."

Can you see - really, can you feel inside - how our language and focus predisposes us to create a state of combat, imbalance and illness?

It's NOT your fault! The advent of media advertising and the riches to be made by those who stand to benefit has brainwashed us into fearing sickness all the time. We must learn to recognize and shield ourselves from these messages.

Our natural mental state is wellness. When we use the language and thoughts to support inner spiritual harmony, our natural state is well and healthy.

Wellness Concepts For Body-Mind Health

We spend so much time thinking about illness that we can bring it to us. We become what we think about. Wellness concepts include living in a state of harmony and assuming good health, mind and body, rather than fearing sickness or disaster.
Of course, as biological creatures we have physical needs. And sometimes we will benefit from surgery or (gulp, dare I say...) even pharmaceutical drugs. But the body continually strives to achieve balance. When we give it the proper tools, it will heal itself.
Wellness ideas involve creating an environment in which the body can keep itself in balance and the best health possible.
That includes consuming healthful things, avoiding toxins, and also thinking and feeling positive, supportive emotions so that we don't sabotage our health. Without getting too much into the woo-woo angle here, our bodies really do respond to our thoughts and emotional signals.

Body-Mind Toxins

Some people ask my advice, yet choose to smoke, drink, eat junk food all day, blame the world for their misery and hate everyone who doesn't think like they think. All that hate and anger is very toxic. If they don't really want to be well, all the herbs in the world won't help.

For most of us, it just takes a teensy shift in perspective to embrace wellness rather than sickness. Sometimes all I have to do is explain this to someone and the light bulb just comes on.

If you are reading this, you are probably positive and proactive about your own health. It will be easy for you!