• Wellness Ideas
    A Wellness Coach assists people with wellness ideas such as learning the language of disease to achieve health, mind and body, with shifts in attitude and lifestyle.
  • Balanced Hormones
    Read an example how balanced hormones and our emotional symptoms can be affected by depleted adrenal glands from stress, high pressure lifestyle, heavy metals and toxic load,
  • In Health, Everything Is Connected
    Disease, or imbalance? In health, everything is connected. A holisitc lifestyle helps avoid vicious circle of chronic stress, pain, environmental toxins, acidity and cancer cells taking hold.
  • Proper pH
    Acid theory of disease challenges our acidic lifestyle. Learn how to raise pH with alkaline foods and supplements for proper pH for the body's cells, blood, urine, and digestive system.
  • Acid And Alkaline Foods
    pH of acid and alkaline foods changes through metabolic processes. For restoring pH balance, discover alkaline-forming foods to reverse acidosis and eliminate acidic foods from the S.A.D.
  • Herbs For Immune Support
    Supplements, nutraceuticals and herbs for immune support help the body heal itself. Reduce inflammation with adaptogenics, chelation with zeolites, detoxification for body mind health.
  • Role Of Supplements
    What causes cancer? Can zeolites, graviola and herbs cure cancer? What causes swelling, headaches, indigestion, irritability? A frank look at modern medicine & the role of supplements in healing.
  • Household Poisons
    We're awash in household poisons like BPA, DEA, propylene glycol in shampoo, baby wipes, processed food, toothpaste. FDA guidelines do not keep us safe. Learn to find pure, safe, natural ingredients.